PathTezt Processor

PathTezt™ Processor

Pathology screening pap Test (PathTezt™) is an automated computer-controlled device designed to prepare standardized thin-layer cytological pap preparations using a filtration system, this system special is improvement the old method system problem liquid-based cytology (patchy cell lost and smears cell lost that show “halo”). PathTezt™ processor improve for the old method filtration technology and reduce the cost effectiveness for the cervical cancer screening test.

  • Thin-layer pap preparation
  • Controlling cellular density
  • Distributing cells uniformly
  • Increasing cellularity
  • Reducing obscuring elements (blood, mucus and inflammatory cells)
  • Eliminating air-drying artifacts
  • Maintaining cell architecture
  • Improving cellular morphology
  • Enhancing nuclear detail
  • Retaining important background clues