PathTezt™ EasyVial MANUAL METHOD

A cell preparation process for gynecologic applications

The PathTezt™ EasyVial is a new manual method liquid-based cytology procedure for the liquid-based preparation Gyn and Non-gyn cytology specimens. The process is based on gravity sedimentation technology. It utilizes a specially designed vial with a cap seal press lined placed directly over the Specialty Nano Coated to PathTezt™ Cyto-Slide.

A cytologic sample is collected by a healthcare professional using a Broom-like devices to collect cells. After the specimens are transported to the laboratory, they are vortexed 10-15 seconds. Open vial cap to half circle and insert the PathTezt™ Cyto-Slide until to the slide center circle, gentle tighten the cap, then inversion process. In approximately 10mins, the cells are sedimented by gravity. Inversion process 5~8 times. Opening bottom to half circle and remove the PathTezt™ Cyto-Slide to 95% alcohol fixation for 15 minutes, the slide is ready to be stained using routine Pap staining procedures.

Microscopic examination will reveal that the cells have naturally settled onto the slide by gravitation, producing a Thin-layer like appearance.