Non-gyn 20ml Preserve Cell Solution

Non-gyn 20ml Preserve Cell Solution

P/N: NGPCS-200920

The Pathtezt® NON-GYN Kit contains all of the necessary consumables needed for testing non-gynecologic cytology specimens. A gentle dispersion step breaks up blood, mucus and non-diagnostic debris. The cells are then collected on a special Non-gyn filter specifically designed to collect diagnostic cells. A thin layer of cells is transferred to a glass slide in a 20 mm diameter circle. The product range is completed by our CytoLysis Solution.

The NON-GYN kits for all your cytology needs. Vials, Cyto-slides, Non-gyn filters and Cytolysis solution are also available individually:


  • Contains 40% Methanol based
  • Stable for 24 months from date of manufacture at room temperature
  • Samples are stable in preservative for four (4) weeks at room temperature, six (6) months refrigerated

Vial has been used in laboratories. Body Fluids/Fine Needle Aspirates (FNA)/Sputum